RRM History

The influence of recent global events has shaped the focus of how businesses view risk. Risk and risk mitigation is no longer confined to a narrow focus of potential financial loss with adequate insurance as the mitigation but rather a broad view now incorporating asset and capital market management, business continuity and strategic business positioning, catastrophic loss through fire and operational exposure on project investments.

With the pressure of rapid expansion of businesses world wide, focus on asset growth, protection and business fortification has led to the birth of the very elite and specialised service of a professional physical risk consultancy.

Resource Risk Management Pty. Ltd. (RRM) is one of the pioneers of this field, having been established since 1991 with the objective to provide professional risk management of end-to-end business risks.

To be able to service a wide ranging risk profile, RRM has assembled a team of in-house and associate experts covering all aspects of business management. The team continues to evolve in response to both client needs and business demand.

The company now provides services to an impressive client list across a comprehensive range of Risk Management disciplines.

RRM has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Europe with Associates based in Perth and North America (USA and Canada).

Continual reference to our guiding principles and our clients' principal objectives has been the catalyst for the significant business and geographic growth that RRM has enjoyed since 1991 and the expansion of the range of our service capabilities.

RRM's industry involvement has also expanded from a narrow focus on the business management disciplines of the telecommunications industry to include publicly owned infrastructure, energy, finance and legal organisations.

Future growth is directed to the satisfaction of our clients' service requirements facilitated by a blend of in-house and associate resources, with the primary objectives of ensuring that RRM leads the process where the service delivery represents both best practice and best value.