Ethics Policy

Ethics is not RRM's legacy, it is our competitive advantage.

RRM's policy is to be highly principled, and socially responsible in our business practices.

RRM is committed to the delivery of services to its clients and the community at large, with a stamp of the highest ethical standards. By doing so, RRM aims to exceed our corporate governance goals and set objectives and the ways of attaining those objectives within the larger social framework.

In developing strategic end-to-end solutions in the management of investments, life protection, engineering services, business risk, and business continuity, RRM is loyal to ethical principles that bring benefits not only to its clients, but also to society at large.

In order to maintain company's highest ethical standards, all RRM employees, associates, and contractors are obligated to:

  • Deal fairly and honestly with every person and entity they come in contact with in the course of their daily business activities.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Not to pursue any business opportunity that requires violation of the law.
  • Exercise good judgment, so that all action taken on RRM's behalf are perceived as ethical, adhering to both the spirit and the letter of the law.
  • Full disclosure of all commissions.
  • To share our knowledge by participation in initiatives that will benefit the health and safety of the whole community.