Environmental Policy

Resource Risk Management (RRM) delivers systems, procedures and solutions to protect life, property and business continuity, to sections of the global community. In order to effectively meet our client's needs, RRM acts within the system of values and expectations of this community. Application of the principles of Environmental. Responsibility and Ecologically Sustainable Development is a foundation of our on-going competitive advantage and is of vital importance to RRM as well as our clients.

We assert that, by the careful application of new technologies, advancement in the protection of property, life safety and business continuity can be achieved in a manner which sustains environmental integrity.

Further, the personal ethics of top management within RRM ensures protection of the rights of current and future generations to live within an environment which continues to meet their needs. RRM operates a robust and effective Environmental Management System, which ensures that RRM staff and others acting on our behalf:

  • Assist in the protection and conservation of natural resources by incorporating the principles of Environmental Responsibility and Ecologically Sustainable Development in decision making processes over which we have influence or control.
  • Adhere to the requirements of Environmental laws and regulations at all times and maintain compliance with the Environmental policies and procedures of our clients during project works.
  • Promote the consideration of public opinion and interests of stakeholder groups in environmental aspects of projects over which we have influence or control.
  • Ensure continual improvement of our Environmental performance by reviewing and modifying procedures in accordance with current best practice and the consideration of new technologies as they become available.