About us


"Our mission is to apply our intellectual services to deliver market strategies, financial solutions, engineered systems, procedures and products to create value, maintain business continuity, safeguard life and property, and sustain commercial and market position."

To achieve this, RRM consistently applies three basic criteria to all projects. They are:

PRACTICAL APPROACH, our risk managers and engineers deliver a unique blend of experience, skill, and expertise in their respective fields. RRM ensures that all approaches to work rendered to clients are holistic in nature, incorporating innovation, practical experience and findings to develop a realistic and reliable result.

Our personnel are a diverse team of experts trained all over the globe (Hong Kong, US, Europe, China and Australia), enhancing RRM's depth of innovation and ability to provide an excellence in delivery based upon broad ranging capabilities.

PROCESS INTEGRITY, the processes and compliance systems used by RRM are highly respected by our clients as providing them with professional excellence, technical and financial integrity, and a strong sense of ethics. In all recommendations and actions RRM seeks to demonstrate compliance with project objectives to our clients and their stakeholders in the delivery of our intellectual services.

PERSONALISED CONSULTING approach to meet the continuing needs of our clients and to tailor the intellectual services we provide to achieve outstanding performance in sustaining corporate infrastructure and resources. Trust that RRM will deliver what we promise to deliver.